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Capture Every Event with a 360 Photo Booth

We love to capture our special moments. Memories that stay with us, memories that we flaunt. That’s why Mubarakan Weddings offer 360º Photo Booth services on all possible family occasions. Be it a desi wedding, a corporate event or a private family function, we will be available everywhere. We will help you to keep Hollywood studio quality snapshots and videos of every event with our 360 photo booth.

Features of 360º Photo Booth

Our 360 photo booth has some killer features.

  • 360 Platform to Capture You from Every Angle
  • Beautification Filters for Flawless Memories
  • Live Slideshow to Share Your Joy in Real Time
  • Slow Motion Effect for a Cinematic Experience
  • Video Effects for Some Extra Oomph (and Laughs)
  • Online Gallery to Save Your Memories Forever


Our 360 photo booth is a must-have in your event arsenal. Be it your wedding or the birthday of your significant other, our photo booth will make every occasion memorable.

Enjoy your moments in real-time with our Live Slideshow, or revisit them in leisure at our online gallery.

Savour special moments with the slow motion feature, and laugh at the silliness of Boomerangs and GIFs of your photos.

You have to stand on the platform in a 3m by 3m footprint. We will do the rest.


What is the cost of hiring the 360 booths?

On an hourly basis, you can have 360 photo booths for hire. For a 3-hour package, we charge 500 pounds; for a 4-hour package, we charge 600 pounds. You can increase your time by an hourly hundred pounds rate. Booking during rush hours or public holidays like Christmas or New Year may cause a surcharge of hundred Pounds.

How long does it take to receive the photos or videos from the 360 booths?

After a single person or a group (max 4) stands on the platform, the camera circles around them. It takes around ten seconds. After the recording is completed the clips are uploaded to an online gallery. The guests can get the link via email or SMS.

When can I expect the delivery and setup of the booth?

You can specify the date and time of setup in the process of 360 photo booth hire. We will arrange everything by the stipulated time. Skilled employees of Mubarakan Weddings will go to your venue and set up everything accurately.

What is the space requirement for your booths?

To set up a complete 360 photo booth along with the camera and the platform, you need a space of at least 15X15 feet close to a dedicated outlet.


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