Maiyan Sets

We at Mubarakan Weddings offer a diverse range of Maiyan set for your pre-wedding rituals in the distant lands of the UK. From Benarasi silk fabrics to brocade and phulkari, our extensive collection of Maiyan ceremony sets has a variety of colours and fabrics.A Punjabi wedding is incomplete without the Mahiyan ceremony. But, for the Indian diaspora, it’s really difficult to find out all the important items for the ritual. To solve this problem our unique Maiyan set collections consist of all the necessary items required in this ritual.These sets not only contain all the essential items for the Maiyan ceremony, but their designs also complement the wedding aesthetics perfectly. Our desi craftsmen have crafted each Maiyan set with unquestionable dedication and attention to detail.


All our Maiyan ceremony sets are made of stainless steel with wooden Peeri and Fatti. Each of these items is carefully covered with different fabrics in a varied range of colours. The price range of our Maiyan sets ranges from £70 to £90 only.

A standard set for the Maiyan ceremony consists of 10 items:

  • Thali (Tray)
  • Peeri (Stool)
  • Fatti (Footrest)
  • Oil Bottle
  • Gurvi
  • Handkerchief
  • Laddoo Box
  • Mahiyan Bowl
  • Glass

These Maiyan sets are designed with Benarasi Silk and brocade fabrics in a plethora of colour choices. Be it a beautiful traditional red Maiyan set to match your red colour themed wedding or a yellow and pink Maiyan ceremony set or just a multicoloured one to match almost every wedding theme, our Maiyan set will add to the aesthetics of your wedding vibes.

Features and Benefits

Intricate Designs :Our Maiyan ceremony sets have unique and intricate designs combining elegance with the vivaciousness of Punjabi Weddings. The craftsmanship of each of these designs is ravishing with the complicated sequin works on the silk fabrics.

Quality Materials:All of our Maiyan sets are made of stainless steel and wood wrapped in high-quality silk fabric with intricate designs. The sets are designed with either Benarasi or brocade silk. All the utensils are made of stainless steel that are highly durable while the Peeri and Fatti are wooden as per the traditions.

Embellishments:The Maiyan set is designed with detailed sequin and bead works. The Chunri of the Maiyan ceremony set is generally designed with Phulkari stitchwork to bring the traditional appeal. The added beadworks and Jhalar add to the wedding aesthetics of this ritual.

Customisation Options:You can preorder your Mahiyan set with detailed instructions on the colour, material of the fabric, designs, and embellishments you want. We take the requirements of our customers very seriously and customise the Maiyan sets accordingly.

Care and Maintenance

  • Dry wash your Maiyan set after it’s used for its longevity
  • Do not clean them with the dishwasher
  • Store them in a cool and dry place. Do not let any moisture accumulate on the fabrics.

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